“We have a small master bathroom that needed remodeling after water had damaged the subfloor. After receiving various estimates from other companies, we were discouraged by the price or the lack of customer service and just started the work on our own. We had already done the demo and started rebuilding the floor but ran into problems with the shower drain. It became clear that we were way out of our comfort zone. The short version is that this was the best experience we’ve had with a contractor in a while. (Now comes the long version.) We scheduled the estimate and Rene came to our house–we had the estimate the following morning and scheduled the work. We wanted to pick our own tile, so one evening, I met Rene at the home improvement store, and during a walk through, I showed him what we had selected. He took note of everything and made some additional suggestions that worked out beautifully. The guys who did the actual work, Luis and Jose, did a tremendous job. From meeting Luis at the home improvement store to pick up the materials, it became clear that they would take care to do everything right. He even made sure that we did not buy boxes that had broken tiles in them. Back at the house, work progressed at a steady pace. Rene came to check on everything on that first afternoon. For the rest of the job, the guys showed up every morning when they said they would (they even came in on a Saturday), and they did everything we asked for. The tile work was done beautifully; they made sure that cuts lined up well and corners looked balanced. At one point, a small portion had to be redone so that everything would line up. Luis and Jose seemed to take great pride in their work, and it shows. Along the way, we added a sink installation to the job, and the guys made a couple of suggestions we agreed to and that worked out very well. On the last day, Rene and his wife stopped by. His wife even brought a threshold that we had forgotten about. We feel very strongly that we would hire this company again. From beginning to end, at all points of contact, this was a great experience.”

-Daniela N